Meals on-board

Meals on-board

Free meals are served on all international flights of Azerbaijan Airlines. No matter what time of day you fly, you will always be offered a choice of a delicious dish, made with carefully selected products. In addition to hot meals, you can also order tea or coffee in unlimited quantities throughout the flight.

It should be noted that the menu may vary depending on your travel class, season and the direction of the flight, as well on the time of day. On flights with duration less than 150 minutes in economy class, hot meals are not provided, and passengers are offered hot drinks (tea and coffee), as well as water.

On Azerbaijan Airlines flights, when purchasing an economy class ticket, you can additionally purchase business class food from the sets presented below. Please note that meat is served as cold appetizers in the summer, and seafood is served in the winter season.

You may also order special meals free of charge. For this, you should apply to our Call Center at least 24 hours before departure of your flight. You are offered a choice of a variety of on-board meals taking into account you’re age and dietary characteristics.


Special food categories:

CHML: (Children Meal): Your children will love our special kids' menu.

BBML: (Baby meal): Special food on vegetable and fruit basis, which meet all the quality standards is served to kids under age 2.


AVML: Asian Vegetarian Meal (Indian Vegetarian Meal)

RVML: Vegetarian Meal (meal without meat, may contain dairy products)

VGML: Strict Western Vegetarian Meal

VLML: Meal without meat, fish, or seafood. May contain dairy products and eggs

NLML: Non Lactose Meal

VOML: Vegetarian Oriental Meal

Dietary Meal

DBML: Diabetic Meal

GFML: Gluten-Free Meal

LFML: Low Fat Meal

LSML: Low Salt Meal

LCML: Low-Calorie Meal

LPML: Low Protein Meal

PRML: Low-Purine Meal

Ethnic Meals

HNML: Hindu Meal

KSML: Kosher Meal - must be requested at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

MOML: Muslim Meal

ORML: Eastern Meal

VJML: Vegetarian Jain Meal

Special Requests

SFML: Seafood Meal

BLML: Bland/soft meal for those with Digestive and Chewing Difficulties

FPML: Fruit Platter Meal

NFML: Meal without fish or fishery products

HFML: High Fibre Meal